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united artists  1986-1989

Two artists, Alex Liros and Gerrard Pook, worked jointly or collaborated on shows in the late 1980s.   Each artist brought with him the joy of art and art-making and the joy of working  and being together.

We first showed at Kozak Gallery , Toronto, in 1987 where they exhibited their jointly produced metal sculptures and works on paper.   Gerrard was the metal man while I  was the paint man.   Our second and third shows at Kozak Gallery in 1988 and 1989 were a collaboration of Alex’s sculpture, paintings and drawings and Gerrard’s  large charcoal drawings, and smaller works by both artists.  We also  showed together at the Sydenham Gallery north of Kingston, Ontario.

Kozak Gallery 1987
1987 show UA statement
artist statement
1988 show
Kozak Gallery 1989
Kozak Gallery 1988
1989 show