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Saul among the sumac
Saul among the sumac  1989
united artists 1987-1989
(Alex Liros & Gerrard Pook)
Saul united artists Lake men
Lake men 1990
Carroll St series   mid-1990s
Carroll St series Swing men
Men in swings  1989-1991
Studio drawings
Studio still life   1994-1995
Guest book of Clarence Barnes,
Casey House, Jan-Mar 1995
Etienne Espinet: spring 1995
AIDS pastels  early 1990s
Etienne last days AIDS pastels
Clarence guest book
Watercolours  1999
Stanley Kochen 1995
Stanley Kochen JAC

King Saul: paintings and sculpture, late 1980s

Kuban banners 1997
Kuban banners Kuban 1998

Kuban in memoriam
In memoriam  1999, 2006