Photographs taken Feb 7 2018
From NE corner of Broadview and Danforth
From NW corner of Broadview and Danforth.  The old streetcars came
out about 40 years ago.  
From the same corner, new streetcars are being rolled out.  My apartment
building is at top right corner.
My apartment building on corner of
Broadview and Wolfrey.  The streetcar                   
stops right at the corner.  There’s a pedestrian
crosswalk so I don’t get run over crossing
the street.  Just in the picture at the left is a
Chinese-run convenience store where I buy
milk, etc.  I’m on the 15th floor on the other side
of the buildng.  The front faces downtown.

Photos taken Feb 9 2018, Riverdale Park, taken from Broadview Ave.