Alex Liros

After stopping all painting around 2000, I finally came back to it, in watercolour, in 2016. The Men at work series that I started in collage I now continue in watercolour.  And I have revived plein air painting in the summer, as well as flower painting.  The Gallery section also includes drawings done at Princess Margaret Hospital, as well as drawings from the PBS Newshour.

The Archive of the website covers work before 2000: my acrylic paintings, drawings, and sculpture in wood.  The Archive includes work done by the three-member JAC collective (1980s), as well as work by the two-man united artists (late 1980s).  It also includes Clarence Barne’s guestbook at Casey House 1995.

A selection of my early work can be found here:


1980s)sculpture of united artists, Gerrard Pook and I (late 1980s), drawings at the height of the AIDS crisis (around 1990) .   

Men at work 7 Found flowers