Alex Liros

I returned to watercolour painting in 2016, having dropped all painting about the turn of the millennium.  These watercolours continue my Men at work series, begun  first with photomontage/collage, and continued with pen and collage.  All the images are pulled from the internet.  I have also done countless drawings at Princess Margaret Hospital, and recently took up plein air watercolour painting.

The Archive of the website covers work before 2000: my acrylic paintings drawings, and sculpture in wood.  The Archive includes work done by the three-member JAC collective (1980s), as well as work by the two-man united artists (late 1980s).  It also includes Clarence Barne’s guestbook at Casey House 1995.

A selection of my early work, including plein air watercolours, can be found here:


1980s)sculpture of united artists, Gerrard Pook and I (late 1980s), drawings at the height of the AIDS crisis (around 1990) .   

Men at work 5-6 Men at work 7